Learning Through Fun: Summer Camp in Toronto Can Build Skills


Summer Camp in Toronto


If you have school-aged children, you may be thinking about finding activities for them to do during the summer break, or weekly camps for them to attend. Kids enjoy going to day camps where they can meet new friends, participate in fun activities, and learn valuable skills. There are plenty of camps offered in the Toronto area – so many, in fact, that it can be difficult to know which one to select! Here are a few criteria you can use to help you discover the best camps for your kids this summer:


The Camp Experience

  • Activities offered. Since every child is different, you’ll want to consider the types of activities that will be most enjoyable and beneficial for your specific youngster. If you have a budding engineer, for example, look for a robotics program. If your child is a dramatic or comedic superstar, sign their up for drama. A natural politician might enjoy a Model UN camp; an entrepreneur will thrive at a business camp. If you’d like your child to gain more fluency in English, or greater competency in STEM subjects, look for a camp that offers these academic programs. And if you have more than one child, remember that finding a day camp offering various programs can be a life-saver!
  • Balance. A program that focuses on an activity that’s sure to engage your child is great, but make sure that the schedule also allows for some balance. Summer is prime time for outdoor activities, and camp is a great place to make new connections. Make sure the camp schedule includes outdoor play, and some "down time.”
  • Instructor expertise. There are a number of considerations regarding educational camps, and one of these is the level of expertise of the instructors. Ideally, your child’s instructor should be an Ontario Certified Teacher, or an expert in his/her field. Don’t settle for less! A caring instructor’s knowledge and enthusiasm can spark a child’s interest and make all the difference. For children working to learn English, look for a certified ESL instructor.
  • Student/instructor ratio and age range. Be certain that your child will have adequate instruction and supervision; look for a low student-instructor ratio. In addition, make sure that the age range within the group doesn’t vary too much. (It’s difficult to program activities that are meaningful for everyone if the age range is too wide.)

Practical Considerations


There are also a number of practical considerations that will depend on your particular circumstances. Location can be a major consideration, for example; cost is also a factor for most families. (When thinking about cost, remember to take into account whether or not the camp offers sibling discounts and whether healthy lunch and snacks are provided.) And, depending on your work situation, you may require a day camp that offers extended care in the early mornings or late afternoons.


Many parents make the mistake of choosing a summer camp for their children because it’s the one his/her friends are going to, or simply because it’s inexpensive. But summer camps can provide more than just entertainment for your child – a good summer camp can ignite a passion, and build skills that will last a lifetime.